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www.studiocreations.com Just about anything you wanted to know about building costumes. From sculpting to vacuum forming to assembly they’ve got you covered!

www.501st.com We are part of and proudly support the 501st, the only official imperial costuming organization.

www.carolina501st.com The Carolina Garrison of the 501st

www.bikerscout.net The 501st pathfinder attachment, or the Biker Scout Costume legion

www.clonetroopers.net A 501st clone trooper forum, for discussing anything that would fall under the clone section of Star Wars costuming.

www.therpf.com A Forum for all things costume related, a great source for info.

www.smooth-on.com An excellent manufacturer of castable plastics, mold rubbers, and supplies. The only brand I use these days, I highly recommend them.

www.theengineerguy.com Nelson, my supplier of Smooth-On products, if you’re within a couple hours of the Atlanta area I HIGHLY recommend giving him and his crew a call, tell them what you need and they will get it to you. They are also an excellent contact for all things plastics related whether it be products or info, drop them a line.


We are in NO way affiliated or associated with Lucas Films, Lucas Arts, Masamune Shirow, Seisenshi or any of there respective subsidiaries in any way, we are merely fanboys and geeks doing what we love to further the attention they’re products and properties deserve.

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