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We are a small group of sci-fi, anime and comic "geeks" that got into costuming somewhere around 1997 going to DragonCon in Atlanta GA. Our fanatical obsession has done nothing but escalate and become more consuming since then. Driven by a desire for detail and an anal-retentive eye for accuracy that some have called a sickness, we've spent many late nights/early mornings trying to get ready for a show.

We're based in Western North Carolina, in a small town where there is nothing to distract us from our work, at least that is how we prefer to look at the lack of anything else to do around here.

After having made a variety of costumes over the years. We work with vacuum formed plastics, silicone rubber molds, casting resins and plastics. We also sew many of the soft parts of our costumes & and do latex work. We specialize in very detailed & accurate weapon replicas & costumes from anime & movies.


ERIC: A “mastermind” of sorts, at least as much as this group has, would like to consider himself an evil genius, which the group only allows because its in his basement that most the work is done. An HQ if you will, or as much of an HQ as a basement can be. He worked in a foundry for 13 years, which is where many of his mold making skills were “forged”. Never had the opportunity to be schooled in the arts but has always had an interest in expressing himself artistically and mechanically. Eric also sports the designation of TC 2238 in the Carolina Garrison of the fighting 501st.

GREG: The quintessential right hand man! Has been here since the beginning of time, well, our time at least. He has proved his dedication to this madness by many late night/early mornings “see you at work in an hour” statements as he walked out the door. A professionally schooled graphic artist, a leather worker, sculptor, prop builder, and all around helpful guy to have around.

MEGAN: More or less the slave master, without her poking and prodding or as she likes to call it “gentle encouragement” many of our projects would never get finished. Has also gotten rather adept at sewing, sculpting, vacuum forming, and assisting in mold making. She has made most of the soft parts to our costumes. Along with cookies when we can hardly bare to go on!

MIKEY: Part B of the build crew, has also been in on several of the bigger groups, and not bad with a sewing machine himself! Generally good to have around for a laugh or a “what the?!?”

SCOTT: Has been a big help during crunch time! A talented sculptor, he did the work on the Duros mask for his senior project on mask and prop making in the movies. He now is a teacher with the Autism Society of America. But still very quiet!

Have also had plenty of help and back up from Jeff and Kurt at Studio Creations, check out www.studiocreations.com the site is jam packed with useful info on making, building and vacuum forming your own costumes.

TONY: TB 040 in the Carolina Garrison of the 501st, also known as “Ogre” to his airsoft buddies. Happens to be the guy who put Jack in contact with Eric, and is how the whole Republic Commando project started. Which is either a good or bad thing depending on whom you talk to.

JACK: BH/TB/TX/TK/TC 1267 in the Carolina Garrison of the 501st and Fixer from Delta squad, also an airsoft enthusiast, he owns and runs www.bigboytoysairsoft.com check them out, so if you need to pepper someone with airsoft pellets he’s the man to talk to.

MARK: Our little Scorch of Delta squad. TK/TC 623 the Carolina Garrison of the 501st. A good guy to hang out with and a pretty talented prop maker in his own right. Owner/operator of www.imperialsecurityandwiring.com if you need a surveillance system, security/alarm system or even a A/V set-up contact him he will do his best to make you happy.

JIM: A machinist by trade and an Imperial costumer he is BH/TD/TC 2172 also of course from the Carolina 501st, he was Sev in our Delta squad.


We are in NO way affiliated or associated with Lucas Films, Lucas Arts, Masamune Shirow, Seisenshi or any of there respective subsidiaries in any way, we are merely fanboys and geeks doing what we love to further the attention they’re products and properties deserve.

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